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     Week of April 16


Starting April 24th, KidFit will be on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 5pm!


9:30am Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Text Julie at 803-292-5108 by 6pm the night before.


Who is interested in doing a MUDRUN on May 12??


The 2018 Marine Mud Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th. This is the 11th anniversary and there will be an update to the already challenging 5-mile off road course.  As always, the Marine Mud Challenge is a team event and there are 5 adult categories:


 1. Competitive Male


 2. Competitive Female


 3. Competitive Coed


 4. Competitive Hard Corps


 5. Non-Competitive


All of the preregistered participants will receive a t-shirt and a Marine Mud Challenge race bag, and those who complete the course will be rewarded with a medal.


Don’t forget to bring your younger adventurers with you.  There is an amazing, self contained 1-mile course just for the kids with a series of appropriately sized obstacles made just for them and of course plenty of mud!


If you would like to register, please visit

Southeastern Body Fat Test

I need to know by Tuesday if you are available for the test this Friday, April 20th from 8-10:30 am.  If not we will look for another date.  We need at least 15 people.


Who would be available on April 20th from 8-11am for this?  If not, we can look into dates in May!


Would anyone be interested in getting their true body composition by a mobile hydrostatic body fat testing company?  We would need at least 15 people to register before the company would come.  It costs $45 per person!



We are mobile so we come to you with our "mobile clinic" and provide everything needed and perform all the testing. Clients testing only need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. They will totally submerge themselves in water for only a few seconds while they blow out their air underwater.

The water is chemically treated and constantly filtered for cleanliness. The water is heated to between 89 and 98 degrees. A trained technician will be with them every second of the test. They will have privacy and confidentiality during the entire test. Immediately after the test, we will go over their report, which shows them where they are in terms of a healthy range of body fat relative to their age and gender, where they should be, and what it will take to get where they want be. They are given their RESTING metabolic rate and they will have a realistic baseline to establish their fitness goals.

I have a private dressing room on board but it is helpful if they arrive for their appointment with their suit on, ready to test.

In general terms, the test takes about 3-4 minutes depending on how comfortable people are in the water. The explanation of the results usually takes another 3-5 minutes. A good planning factor is about 8-10 minutes so I usually test about 6-8 per hour the first time I test them. That’s also assuming everyone is on time and ready to test. Again, it is very helpful and speeds up the process if clients are already in their swim suits when they arrive.

I test world-class body builders, athletes, extremely large, obese people, some younger people, folks over 80 and everything in between. As long as they can go completely underwater for a few seconds, I can test them. Try to reassure them that the information they can gain by testing will help them with their goals regardless of where they’re starting.

If this is something you might be interested in offering to your members, please contact me and I would love to go over more information with you and set up a test date! You can also take a look at our website for more information.



Mark is going to be doing a gymnastics class at 9am Saturday, April 28th!!  The focus will be on handstands, handstand push-ups and walking on your hands!  Sign up if you are coming!!

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