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Julie and Joshua MillerJulie Miller is the better half of CrossFit 4 Everyone's owner/coach team. Julie is a 15 year veteran teacher in the states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. She is used to dealing with crying children, so CrossFitters aren't much of a change for her.

Julie has had Level 1 Certification since 2007. She is also certified in Olympic lifting and kettlebell. Julie was a competitive swimmer for 13 years. After she finished competing, she coached a swim team for three more years.


Joshua Miller is the co-owner/coach of CrossFit 4 Everyone. Joshua is a 10 year veteran firefighter/paramedic from Florida. He also has 5 years experience as a critical care and emergency trauma nurse. He worked 6 months as a flight emergency nurse on a helicopter. Joshua has an A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Treatment, and a B.S. in Nursing.


In addition to his medical training, Joshua has worked as a personal trainer and has now been teaching CrossFit since 2007 with a Level 1 Certification. Joshua is also certified in Olympic lifting and kettlebell.


When not training CrossFit, Joshua is usually teaching martial arts. He has a two stripe-black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a black belt in Shotokan Karate. He taught karate for 2 years, and has been teaching jiu-jitsu since 2004. He has competed and won several tournaments in jiu-jitsu, including the Pan American, Florida Open, and Tampa International. He is the owner of Terra Planus Jiu-Jitsu, which trains at this location. As a coach, Joshua has students who have medaled in the Pan Ams and World Championship in the blue, purple, brown, and black belt divisions.  Joshua also coached and cornered several MMA fighters, both amateur and professional.  He has cornered more than a dozen fights, with his fighters winning more than twice the loses.


Mickey BrownMickey Brown is a former Marine who met his sweet wife, Ami, in Hawaii. The Brown's have three children that keep them very busy! Mickey joined Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu in the spring of 2008. Soon after that he drank a cup of the CrossFit kool-aid and hasn't looked back.


Mickey actually started CrossFit to rehab after his ACL operation. He found the functional movements of CrossFit were more effective than his PT. Mickey played soccer throughout his life and spread his love for the game by coaching for 15 years.  He has coached children 4 years old through adults. Mickey is a South Carolina Youth Soccer Association (SCYSA) E certified coach, SCYSA  D licensed Coach, and a certified referee for SCYSA. Mickey is also a certified GB instructor and IBJJF referee for Gracie Barra Jiu-jitsu. Mickey has a passion for coaching CrossFit and Jiu-jitsu. He will motivate you to push yourself no matter what level you are!



Mark Strahler  My background in fitness and coaching started in the 70's as a ring specialist on the University of Pittsburgh Gymnastics team. After graduation, I was an assistant coach for the team for 10 years. This is where I learned that I loved to help people accomplish gymnastics type fitness goals. Seeing the look on peoples' faces the first time they get a muscle up or string together 10 toes to bar for the first time is really gratifying.  After years of working out on my own, I started CF after my son, Mike, got involved. I worked out and did initial training at his gym in 2013 and got hooked. I got my CF Level 1 certificate in 2015 and am trying to become a better coach in all areas, not just gymnastics. Hopefully I will add more certificates in other training areas soon. I own my own small business in the machinery and tool industry and spend my non gym free time rehabbing my older Craftsman style home.



Kelsey Helland grew up in southern Maryland. From there, she moved to Augusta, and was employed as a full time dog groomer. Kelsey's sporting background is in soccer and lacrosse. When she started CrossFit in 2014, she found it was a great way for to increase her athleticism even more. Kelsey enjoys CrossFit for the feeling of being on a team, and the opportunity of working out with a group of supportive people!!



Craig McKinney is active duty Army and has always believed being fit helps professionally as well as personally. Bored with the normal workouts in globo gyms, he started doing CrossFit in the fall of 2012. After returning from a deployment to Jordan, he received his Level 1 in 2013. He loves traveling and dropping in on boxes, a few of the most interesting boxes visited are: Reebok CF 5th Ave NYC, CF Key Largo, FL, Reebok CF Sentinel South Korea, CF Spartan Kuwait, CF QuickSand Jordan. He has previously coached at another affiliate in Augusta, GA.



Brad Goodwin has recently moved from California to Georgia to work with the military. Brad received his master's degree in Kinesiology, specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology. While obtaining his degree in California, Brad fell in love with the sport of crossfit and in 2015, he obtained his Level 1 Certification. Shortly there after, he became the head coach at Crossfit Radius in Long Beach, CA, where he sharpened his knowledge in programming, movement patterns, as well as sport psychology. Brad has recently became engaged, so in his free time he likes to spend time with his fiancé and his Vizsla, Jax, exploring different parts of the region.



Shianne Huffman. I grew up in Florida. I played volleyball, basketball, softball and ran cross-country in high school. Upon graduating high school, I enlisted in the Air Force for two years before transferring into the Army for five years. I started CrossFit in 2013. After I got out of the Army, I moved to Columbia, SC to be close to family. Once I received my A.S. in Basic Science from Midlands Tech, I transferred to USC Aiken for a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science and a Minor in Professional Writing (Graduation May 8, 2019.). This put me closer to North Augusta, where I worked out at CrossFit North Augusta. In 2018, I received my Level 1 Certificate and started coaching. I realized I loved the weightlifting side of it more and got my Level 1 Cert from USAW. I love competing and CrossFit allows me to continue to compete.



Will Hedges. I'm originally from West Palm Beach, Fl. I moved to Augusta in January 2010. Literally my first night in Augusta I got talked into trying out crossfit. I was overweight and definitely out of shape. To paint a picture I couldn't even do a sit up. But off I went and tried crossfit due to my cousin's persuasion. And I was hooked. I lost 55 lbs that first year! I love crossfit and all it brings to the table. I got my level 1 cert in 2015. I love coaching. Helping people do things they never thought they could is great. I believe my journey helps me reach out in my coaching. Crossfit is definitely my passion.



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Julie and Joshua Miller

Julie and Joshua Miller

Mickey Brown

Julie and Joshua Miller

Mickey Brown

Mickey Brown