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Trey Bowling is our next Athlete of the month.

CrossFit is not only about coming in and doing WODs, it is about being a member of the family.  Getting involved, promoting the community and trying to make CF4E a better place for everyone are all things Trey does.  Trey is always trying to promote health and fitness with his family.  His daughter, Aleciea, went to a CF competition with Trey. She was inspired by the female athletes so she joined CF4E.  He saw a passion for running in his daughter, Madison, so they run together.  They not only compete in races together, they rank highly in these competitions! Trey finds CF comps to participate in and drags his buddies into the sport!  That is what it is about...having fun while trying to stay young and healthy!  Trey is a awesome member of the CF4E family!  We are so thankful to have his friendship!


Interview with Trey Bowling:


Who are you outside of CF4E?

• I’m a Christian, Husband, Father, and Chemical Salesman...In that order!!

What is your fitness background?

•  Prior to finding CF4E, I played organized sports since I was 5 years old. Football, baseball, basketball, golf, wrestling, running, and cycling.


When and why did you start CrossFit?

• About 2 years ago when my wife told me I was getting a little heavy. It ticked me off!


Favorite WOD or skill?

• Rowing.


Least favorite?

• Thrusters!!


If you could create a perfect WOD, what would it be?

• It would involve rowing, Box Jumps, and Deadlifts

Maybe ...

100 Cal row

50 Box Jumps

25 Dead lifts 225/185

For time



Favorite cheat meal?

• Pizza


Most memorable or funniest memory at CF4E?

• The last competition we did in Aiken. We had a large group and it was a really cool scene.


Advise for someone starting CrossFit?

• It gets easier...not a lot but easier!

DOn’t quIt..DO IT!


Anything else that makes you unique?

• I raced Mountain Bikes all over the Southeast for Saturn (car company) for years. My specialty was 24 hour solo races and 100 Mile races. I gave it up when Madison was born because I didn’t want to miss anything with my kids.



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