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Gwen Hardy


Gwen Hardy is our next  Athlete of the month!  This lady has the dedication of a fierce lioness!  She has always worked very hard in the gym to improve her endurance, strength and skills.  Gwen is so dedicated to CF that she is here almost every day.  Gwen not only works hard for her, she works hard for her unborn baby girl that is due in June.  Even though her pregnancy makes her tired, she still comes to the gym!  She does the wods to the best of her and her belly's ability!  Gwen's son, John Allen, is also an amazing little CrossFitter!  He definitely got his mama's fierce competitive attitude.  The other day he got a bloody nose from a racquetball hitting him and he still wanted to do the wod after!  We love our Gwen and John Allen!!


Interview with Gwen Hardy:


Who are you outside of CF4E?

• I’m a wife and a mom and I love my family!  We stay pretty busy at home with our little make-shift farm of a garden, chickens, and bees.  One day, we hope to have enough land (and money) to have a REAL farm complete with pigs and cows!  I work for a shingle distribution company so if you need a new roof, I can get you a good price on shingles!

What is your fitness background?

• The only thing I ever did consistently before crossfit was run.


When and why did you start CrossFit?

• I started in July or August of last year and I was just bored!  I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I fell in love with crossfit and everyone at CF4E immediately!


Favorite WOD or skill?

• I like Tabata WODs and I love the kettle bell.


Least favorite?

• That would probably be a tie between thrusters and wall ball.


If you could create a perfect WOD, what would it be?

• Tabata row, kettle bell, push press, and air squat


Favorite cheat meal?

• Spicy chicken sandwich meal (the original) with waffle fries, diet coke, and a ton of chick fil a sauce


Most memorable or funniest memory at CF4E?

• When I first found out I was pregnant (before anyone knew) I tried to do a handstand for the first time, freaked out, and fell right on my neck.  It hurt for a week after that and I felt like a moron.


Advise for someone starting CrossFit?

• Don’t give up!  It can be frustrating in the beginning when you don’t know what you’re doing but stick with it.  It is SO worth it!


Anything else that makes you unique?

• I don’t think so, I’m pretty basic.



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