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Jade Monkey Massage

Jade Monkey Mission:

To provide the most beneficial healing and restorative massage therapy treatment by selecting a modality to suit your particular needs at the time of service.


Hi, I’m Suzie Fowler-Tutt, LMT (GA: MT008863), licensed massage
therapist, and earned advanced certifications in Myofascial Release
as well as Rossiter and proficiency in Sports,

Orthopedic, and Swedish/Deep Tissue

Massage, among other modalities.


I served in the military (Retired U.S. Navy Chief) and was a certified

Navy personal trainer and  fitness instructor/coordinator for 20

years and I welcome your questions on sports injuries and

prevention, fitness programs and nutrition.


Modalities Offered at Jade Monkey Massage:



Myofascial Release is a soft tissue therapy addressing somatic dysfunction and pain in clients with restricted range of motion (ROM) and is generally geared towards athletes performing repetitive movements during training.  Tissue dysfunction can occur through muscle dehydration and repetitive motion  which causes the fascia and muscle to bind together, inhibiting the muscles ability to move and perform efficiently. During myofascial release, slow and sustained pressure is applied to the connective tissue (fascia) to reduce and eliminate pain and restore range of motion. The goal of myofascial therapy is to relax contracted muscles and increase circulation and lymphatic drainage while stretching and improving muscle reflex and overlying fascia.




You lead an active life; whether you’re a world-class athlete or weekend warrior, Jade Monkey Massage will assist you in achieving peak performance pre– and post-event. By focusing on muscles relevant to an athlete’s sport, sports massage enhances endurance, reduces the risk of injury, and decreases  post-event recovery time. Sports Massage incorporates a variety of  techniques to include Swedish Massage,  Trigger Point Therapy, and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) for optimal results.


Pre-Event ~ Incorporates stretching to loosen, warm, and prepare muscles which increases performance and endurance.


Post-Event ~ Relieves pain, fatigue, stiffness and returns muscles to their normal state.



Swedish Massage is the most common western massage modality ~ and for first-timers receiving therapeutic massage therapy ~ Swedish is usually the best choice. Swedish massage promotes lymphatic flow and total relaxation.  A variety of massage strokes are incorporated during this procedure:


Effleurage: Soothing, gliding strokes with gentle pressure towards the heart that relax the muscles and body.


Petrisage: kneading, skin rolling, stripping, and squeezing of muscle tissue and fibers with moderate pressure.


Tapotment: Percussive strokes which stimulate the skin and tissue, toning muscles during treatment.




Aromatherapy massage incorporates  a blend of highly concentrated plant-based oils added to massage oil or lotion/gel to enhance the clients therapeutic session.  Here at Jade Monkey Massage, I only use the highest organic therapeutic grade essential oils in my blends. The goal of Aromatherapy Massage is  deep calm and relaxation for the client as the oils are absorbed through the skin during a light to moderate Swedish-based massage. Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage include healing properties that consist of calming or stimulating results depending on the chosen blend of oils. Aromatherapy Massage has been known to relieve headaches, digestive disorders, premenstrual syndrome, (PMS), back pain, and general stress and anxiety disorders. Let me chose a custom blend for you at your next session!


Deep Muscle Therapy:

Deep muscle therapy incorporates the use of a series of hot towels to warm the muscles so deeper tissue release can be achieved. Additionally I massage with a heat-inducing friction gel followed by a cooling topical analgesic for optimal relief.  This is an excellent add-on choice for sore athletic clients who seek deep muscle release.


Hot Stone Therapy:

The benefits of hot stone therapy are numerous, to include improved circulation, calming the nervous system, and achieving a balanced body and mind.  At Jade Monkey Massage I only use the finest volcanic basalt stones due to the high magnesium and iron content which is essential for heat retention, muscle healing and pain relief.


Paraffin Dip/Hand Massage:

Paraffin is a soft mineral-based wax with a low melting point which has been proven beneficial in physical therapy for clients with sports injuries.  Not only does a paraffin dip treatment soften and smooth hardened skin, it increases elasticity, allowing greater mobility and movement, especially in the hands.  Once the paraffin treatment is complete, a deep penetrating hand massage is performed using only the finest quality raw African shea butter.  This is a perfect treatment for any crossfit athlete!





30 min massage $30


60 min massage $60


90 min massage $90


20 min chair massage $20


Aromatherapy add-on $10


Deep Muscle Tissue add-on $10


Hot Stone Therapy $100


Rossiter Session $120


Parafin Dip and Hand Massage $25



Contact Jade Monkey Massage for you next appointment: 706-631-9910




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