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Cori is a very dedicated person.  Whether it is to her family, work, or her workouts, she is dedicated!  Cori has been with us for 7 years.  She worked out through her pregnancy with Blake, her youngest son.  Now he and Luke do Kid Fit!  She is always at the gym, Monday through Friday. For Cori to miss a day, there must be something drastic going on!  Cori always works on her "goats" in her spare time at the gym.  She is focused on being a better lifter and wodder throughout her CF career.  Cori is also a great motivator to others around her.  When she sees someone struggling, she is there.  When she sees someone that needs help, she is there.  Cori and her Tim are very helpful at the gym every time we move or need help!  We really appreciate Cori being Cori!!!


Interview with Cori Wilson

Who are you outside of CF4E?

• A wife, a mom to 2 boys, and a PA in surgery.

What is your fitness background?

• I played volleyball in high school… does that count? I’ve done spin classes, pilates, boot camps, etc off/on over the years just when I needed to get some weight off but then I found CF4E…!


When and why did you start CrossFit?

• I started over 7 years ago! I had just finished a 6 wk boot camp at AnyTime Fitness and wanted to continue but I knew I needed the guidance of a trainer. Someone said “there’s this thing called CrossFit and there might be a box in Augusta…” so I checked online and the gym was only a mile from my work! So I gave it a try and I just kept going back… I think I enjoyed Julie’s friendship and the community more than the WODs in the beginning!


Favorite WOD or skill?

• Overhead squats and pull-ups! Pull-ups always remind me how far I’ve come – I started on the orange band!


Least favorite?

• Front squats for sure!


If you could create a perfect WOD, what would it be?

• Anything that would allow me to beat Tim AND Mary Beth in the same day… that would be awesome! Lol. Love you both!!



Favorite cheat meal?

• There’s no need for cheat meals with Stronger U! A few months back, I decided to do an experiment just to see what role nutrition plays for me so I joined Stronger U (i.e. hired a nutrition coach). THE best thing I’ve done since starting CF. My only regret is not doing it sooner! On vacation, I always search for a good Thai restaurant… yummm…


Most memorable or funniest memory at CF4E?

• Doing CF pregnant… yikes!! My belly was always in the way!!


Advise for someone starting CrossFit?

• Get an app or write it down on paper – either way, write down ALL your lifts and benchmark WODs! My records not only help me to remember how far I’ve come but also push me to PR.


Anything else that makes you unique?

• I love this box more than y’all will ever know! Each of you show up and work your butt off each week – it’s so inspiring!



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