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Athlete of the Month

Tim Wilson


Tim Wilson is our next athlete of the month! Tim is extremely welcoming to all of the new faces at CrossFit 4 Everyone!   He tries very hard to make them feel comfortable in their new gym! Tim is a great athlete and is always trying to improve himself on his lifts and skills!


Interview with Tim Wilson:


Who are you outside of CF4E?

• A 46 year old self employeed father of two boys, Luke (10) and Blake (7). Married to my beautiful and intelligent wife Cori for over 12 years. And we have two Springer Spaniels, River and Brody.

What is your fitness background?

• Grew up playing baseball and soccer. Played for the varsity soccer team as a freshman in high school but after riding the bench that year I found other interests outside of sports. I've always enjoyed running.


When and why did you start CrossFit?

• I started crossfit over 6 years ago because of and thanks to my wife. I would pick on her about her new workout routine that I had never heard of. What's a kipping pullup anyway? She convinced me to finally try it. Haven't looked back. Still remember doing a very scaled version of Donkey Kong that almost killed me during fundamentals.


Favorite WOD or skill?

• Ring muscle ups.


Least favorite?

• Ab mat sit ups. I don't have enough cushion so showering after a lot of them is torture.


If you could create a perfect WOD, what would it be?

• My version of "Moore". 20 min AMRAP 1 Rope climb, 400M run, Muscle up into max number of ring dips.

Scaled: Rope climb, 400M run, max ring dips


Favorite cheat meal?

• Cheeseburger and Fries ATW.


Most memorable or funniest memory at CF4E?

• The one I can't escape. After just starting Crossfit we did a partner WOD which involved fireman carries. My wife was my partner and someone (Julie) took a picture of my wife carrying me around the parking lot. Somehow it made its way to Facebook(Julie). Five years later I still have peaple who love to bring that up.


Advise for someone starting CrossFit?

• Don't get fustrated. Technique is everything and it comes with time and practice. Do not do what I did and just shoot for higher weights and faster times without learning the right technique (put your ego aside) . Once you learn something the wrong way it is hard to unlearn. Good technique will benefit you in the long run. After 6 years I'm still working on a lot of things.


Anything else that makes you unique?

• Nothing that really that makes me unique. I would like to just say how much I enjoy working and suffering with everyone at the gym. I love seeing the new faces and hate seeing those I've known move on. It's inspiring to see so many working so hard to better themselves.



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