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casey collins



Casey is a very dedicated CrossFit Athlete! She is very consistent at getting up and being at most 5:30am WODs! (This is why a lot of you might not know her!). She is always pushing and motivating others.  Casey strives for good technique on her lifts and skills. She helps out at the gym when she can.  Casey always has a great attitude! We really appreciate this kind hearted, lovely person!


Interview with Casey Collins:


Who are you outside of CF4E?

• Mom of two kids, Brendan 12 and Lily 8

Has worked for Urban Outfitters for 9 years and I'm a supervisor for Quality Assurance and Customer Resolutions.

What is your fitness background?

• Tried the standard gyms, body pump, and just got bored very quickly.


When and why did you start CrossFit?

• I started Cross in 2013. There was a Groupon for another gym. Tried it for 30 days and was hooked since. I love that it constantly changes and works your whole body. It pushes me to do more and not give up.


Favorite WOD or skill?

• Deadlifts, Power Cleans, and GHD/Back Extensions.


Least favorite?

• Burpees and snatches (even though I'm good with over head movements).


If you could create a perfect WOD, what would it be?

• 21-15-12-9-6-3

Slightly heavy deadlift




Favorite cheat meal?

• Brewster's Ice Cream

Waffle bowl with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup

Twix/kit Kat bars


Most memorable or funniest memory at CF4E?

• Completing a 33" box jumps


Advise for someone starting CrossFit?

• Work on form first and don't feel pressured to go heavier until you've got the form down.

Don't give up or compare yourself to others. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.


Anything else that makes you unique?

• I was born and raised in Alaska. My hometown was North Pole, AK.

While growing up I lived where there was no electricity or running water and in the middle of nowhere. Had to haul water in order to take baths (heating it up on a wood stove). We had a dog sled team of about 15 dogs. Since there was no TV we listened to stories on the radio.



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